Via Matt Yglesias a blurb on Free Market Fairness

Unlike traditional libertarians, Tomasi argues that property rights are best defended not in terms of self-ownership or economic efficiency but as requirements of democratic legitimacy. At the same time, he encourages egalitarians concerned about social justice to listen more sympathetically to the claims orinary citizens make about the importance of private economic liberty in their daily lives.

So, this is just a blurb and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Nonetheless I have seen this question “How are liberty/property rights best defended” bandied about before.

However, the key question is: Why do you want to use reason to defend liberty or property rights or any belief system for that matter?

Presumably reason helps us clarify what we actually believe. However, if you are defending a system then that suggests you have already decided that you believe in it.

In that case the most authentic response is: I believe in it, deal with it. 

There is no point to using reason if you have already decided what you believe.