Curt, a loyal commenter writes

Innovation decreases prices, and wealth signaling subsidizes research and development – without which luxury goods like automobiles, televisions, washers and dryers, even makeup and hair products would never become consumer goods. Innovation is the source of disequilibrium. And all increases in consumption are made possible by the creation of a disequilibrium that makes it possible for capital to be risked in order to create a new method, product or service.


This is the Concorde.

This is a man pretending to assemble flat pack furniture

We can debate which one is more innovative .

However, it is clear that one of them answered the question: What Would Like to Do Today, for a vast number of human beings and the other did not.



This is an 18th century French Wall mounted Barometer– I am told it still works

This is a fly shuttle

A flying shuttle

Again, both quite innovative for their time. Again, one answered the question: What Would You Like to Do Today and the other did not.