First, Kevin Drum writes

Just out of curiosity, did anyone ever really believe that "don’t be evil" stuff? I mean, Google’s a big corporation. They’ve been a big public corporation for nearly eight years. Big public corporations are in business to make money and enhance their stockholders’ wealth, and that’s that. Google has long been big enough and profitable enough that they could sort of pretend otherwise now and again, but even that was only bound to last as long as their competition remained weak and ignorable. That’s no longer the case, and Google is responding normally.

I don’t think its immediately obvious whether Google is in the business to make money and enhance shareholder value and that’s that.

They are probably not indifferent to making money and Wall Street will do its best to make sure that they are not indifferent to stock price, over the short term. Whether or not buy and hold forever investors are looked after is another matter.

However, Google is an organization and like most organizations is run by a combination of the moral authority of various leaders and the official chain of command.

What the people who sit atop the chain of command or who command respect within the company want is hard to tell. At one point the dominate interest seemed to be in creating an extremely consumer focused product. Slowly the dominate interest seems to have moved towards empire building.

That is, creating a super massive corporation that leads and is involved in as many aspects of the tech frontier as possible.

For large successful organizations it is difficult to resist the latter pole. This is in part because such organizations attract people who want to build empires. So, slowly the moral authority in the organization begins to shift in an imperial direction.

Second, I appear to be the only person in the world who prefers the new Google suite. Especially, now that you can choose compact.