So I know lots of outrageous claims are made against the President. However, we shouldn’t let that distract us from claims that are pretty straight forward. For example, a commenter asks

where in the world did you get the idea that have an administration which is openly hostile to fossil fuels and wants to promote industry which will put fossil fuel extractors out of business?

I understand that the language of “putting fossil fuel extractors out of business” sounds harsh but is there really another way of interpreting this:


Clearly the Administration is promoting stricter standards on fossil fuel usage and increased investment in Green Energy which is a direct competitor to fossil fuel extraction.

Our government is openly against fossil fuel extraction as the future for American energy and has a website devoted to it. Now, they are not absolute zealots who want to put oil and gas extractors out of business tomorrow, but there is clear an effort to make business more difficult for oil and gas and less difficult for green energy.

Indeed, this is what must happen if the US is to reduce its carbon footprint.

My only point is that this clear, stated open hostility to the oil and gas industry has not stopped investment.

In the same way I should note that there is clear open hostility from all segments of the American governing establishment against the tobacco industry. Yet, that industry is growing.

File this under both: Politicians generally tell you what they plan to do and Federal efforts to stop industries they intend to drive into the ground typically don’t work.