Scott Sumner lists some sources of inequality. He says

I’d like to make some observations about inequality.  First as a person, then as an economist.  These are based on 56 years of observing all kinds of people, in all sorts of different situations.  The various inequalities are not meant to be equally important; indeed I’ve purposely added a few trivial ones for perspective.  But they are all assumed to affect utility (although I don’t know that they all do.)  Then I’ll return to this issue as an economist, and draw some conclusions.

My major comment  is that I didn’t notice the trivial ones. Read whole list.

My only quibble is that the Scott seems to discount the high level of correlation between the various measures of inequality. This is why I think in terms of generalized psycho-social impairment.

You can find the stupid ugly lazy grumpy rich person but they are not common. The reason they are not common is because

A) Developmental interdiction is generally undesirable because there are a lot more ways for something to go wrong than to go right

B) Undesirable factors lead to undesirable outcomes.

C) Assortative mating concentrates less desirable genes