Wait so both Bryan Caplan and David Henderson are set to take Bob Muprhy’s hard earned cash.

I know that a while ago I made two inflation bets, one with Bryan Caplan and a much more serious one with David Henderson.

Now, I don’t know why Bob doesn’t just buy the heck out of TIPS which are calling for roughly 2% inflation over the next two years. Even if there is no inflation at all he doesn’t stand to loose as much as in his bets with Bryan and David.

However, far be it from me not to take cash when its being offered. Is there a new bet Bob is interested in making. He says

Feel free to say I can’t tell when it’s coming, but please believe me when I say I know what price inflation is.

I made the above bets in December 2009. Things are obviously not progressing on the timetable I had thought (as has been well documented on these pages), but I’m still confident in my bet with Bryan and would make it again. The one with David is obviously looming much more menacingly. If it weren’t for the crisis in Europe (which is pushing people to flock into dollars), I would still be fine with it, but it may turn into a nailbiter.

And per my earlier post the problem I see today is that money is too tight not too loose, and contra Ron Paul I would suppose that free banking would result in a weaker dollar not a stronger one. You don’t have to be right for the right reason to be right.