I am not really sure how meetings with the President go. When I see pictures of the Oval Office I wonder how anything gets done. There is some old wooden desk and what looks like couches.

There is no smart board, there are no computer screens, no interactive podiums. I wonder why don’t they just draw out battle plans with sticks in the sand and be done with it. 

Anyway, since I assume the only graphics available are those that are printed out and handed to everyone, here is something they might want to pass around the prayer circle.

FRED Graph

This is the estimated real cost of financing the US government over ten years. Its quickly approaching zero.

And, so I ask – Why is the US government still collecting taxes?

I mean seriously. What is it that you hope to accomplish by collecting taxes. One, might say to finance government expenditures, however, they can be financed for free in the bond market.

Lets just forget about stimulus. How about the simple fact that people don’t like to pay taxes. Here is the perfect opportunity to put this off until the future at very low cost. Why not do it?

Why not?