Matt Yglesias continues the argument that There Is No Alternative

. . . pay attention to what’s not being disputed. Nobody, as best I can tell, disagrees that in principle Libya ought to be a republican nation state with a government accountable to its people and beholden to some notion of human rights. Nobody is suggesting a dictatorship of the proletariat or the obsolescence of bourgeois democracy in an era of national struggle for blood and soil. The last big thing in Iran was a violent government crackdown on protestors who were brought out in the streets by election fraud. That’s bad. Yet it’s noteworthy that neither Franco nor Stalin would steal an election. Once you’re conceding the point that were it the case that you lost the election you would be obligated to step down, you’ve abandoned the quest for a viable alternative.

My gut instinct is that liberalism is not the end. And, in fact in the grand sweep of history it will be an curious oddity. My sense is that the future of sentient life is likely authoritarian, traditionalist and devoid of our values of individualism.

However, articulating this is a project for many years from now.