Crazy Pills asks

So here’s a question back to Smith: Which of the potential candidates, if they garnered the nomination and won the Presidency, would wreak more havoc upon the world than Barack Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush? Bush is a man described by a good number of historians as the worst president of all time.

I would not consider a repeat of GW Bush’s first term as an acceptable risk. Its true that even if Bush continued to govern and govern as badly as his first term, the overwhelming likelihood is that the country and the world would not completely fall apart.

However, though small the probability is still too high. The War in Iraq was a really really bad call. Draining our ability to combat recessions by excessively cutting taxes during a relatively stable economic period was a really bad call. You can’t keep making those calls decade after decade and be confident that the US and the World stay intact.

Now admittedly there were some pretty good moves in the second term, not least of which was the appointment of Bernanke and Paulson and their subsequent efforts to stem global collapse. Nonetheless, we need to do better than just another GW Bush.