Looking at some data from Nate Silver, Paul Krugman concludes

What Obama has offered — and Republicans have refused to accept — is a deal in which less than 20 percent of the deficit reduction comes from new revenues. This puts him slightly to the right of the average Republican voter.

So we learn two things. First, Obama is extraordinarily eager to make concessions. Second, Republicans are incredibly unwilling to take yes for an answer — something for which progressives should be grateful.

Why exactly are we rejecting the Null Hypothesis that Obama is to the right of the average Republican voter on fiscal issues.

I can understand why both sides of the political spectrum would have an interest in painting Obama as a big lefty. What’s not as clear to me is why people believe their own propaganda.

Now, maybe lots of folks have an inside track that I am completely missing. However, there is nothing in Obama’s mannerisms, tone or statements that differentiate him from a green-eyeshade conservative.

One might be confused by the fact that he supports universal health care, progressive taxation and carbon reductions. Yet, doesn’t just about every other conservative leader in the industrialized world support these same things?