To my mind there are few things that tax intellectual ethics more profoundly than whether the psychotropic debate should be had in public. It is my general feeling that it should not.

My blog is not read by the general public but I will make no attempt to be transparent. Those in the know, know what I am talking about.

The important thing is this: to my knowledge no one disputes that effects exist. They dispute the source of the effects. If some folks are asserting that harm is being caused this is important and we should talk about it.

However, we should talk knowing that we are playing with fire, that discretion is needed and that the public space may not be the place for this discussion. Happiness matters and it matters a lot. Suffering matters and it matters a lot.

I understand the escalation and cocktail problem and I think it is more reasonable to address them directly. However, to address some of my intellectual counterparts I will say this: if we don’t have a model of infection then practically speaking, pain is caused by a lack of aspirin.

Pain is bad.