There is a lot to like in Jim Manzi’s take on the long term budget. Read the whole thing.

One of my favorite points

The rational goal is to push the point of crisis out well beyond the current planning horizon. There is no “long-term solution” that can ever be achieved by any budget deal. In the end, the ballast in the entitlement and budgeting system that prevents it from going haywire in the long run is the good sense of the American electorate. That’s why neither the conservative emphasis on the character of the people, nor the progressive focus on maintaining social consent for the capitalist system, is entirely misplaced.

The sentiment Jim expresses in the piece is a bit more almartist than my own, but his analysis is right on. If I was greatly concerned about the long term deficit I would phrase the issue has he does.

The key for long term planning is setting the agenda for when movement really comes. I don’t think its coming now. However, Jim has strong appreciation for setting the table.

Perhaps we should write: When You Are On the Verge of an Austerity Crisis.