And offers 40 pieces of wisdom.

My first foray into blogging was as a graduate intern at the Institute for Emerging Issues. I didn’t even know what blogs were but my boss Roland Stephen was convinced that they were the future and so insisted that I contribute to Institute’s blog. I contributed a bit, but I read more and in the early days I mostly read Bryan.

Everyone should.

If you find his point of view shocking and distasteful, all the better. Bryan’s writing is not a place where you get to hear a clever person weave together elegant rhetoric defending things you already thought were true.

It’s a place where your most basic notions are repeatedly challenged and where your intellectual sacred cows are gleefully dined upon before your very eyes.

Ultimately you may find some of his arguments compelling. You may find some of them thought provoking and you may find some of them flat out wrong. But, in all cases you will find argument, which if you take seriously will stretch your understanding of your own beliefs. If you do nothing but carefully convince yourself why Bryan is – as you suspected – out of his mind, you will have done yourself a favor.

So today, read Bryan’s 40 points and tell the world, in grave detail, why at least one of them is absolutely wrong.