That is how one analyst describes the negotiations over the structure of the future mobile payment services industry. Here is the full quote, from a fascinating article in the New York Times on mobile payments:

“It all comes down to who gets paid and who makes money,” said Drew Sievers, chief executive of mFoundry, which makes mobile payment software for merchants and banks. “You have banks competing with carriers competing with Apple and Google, and it’s pretty much a goat rodeo until someone sorts it out.”

Another compares the U.S. situation to other global markets where mobile payments are already widespread:

“Other global markets may have a single dominant mobile carrier, or a small number of banks, or a strong central bank,” said Beth Robertson, director of payments research at Javelin Strategy and Research. “And this has made it easier for them to reconcile a model.”

One way to streamline the negotiations would be to allow non-banks to become payment processors and banks.