Modeled Behavior was snubbed by Time Magazine. No matter, they’ll have another chance to get the list right.

A few of my favorite or most read blogs.

  1. I read Calculated Risk with my morning coffee. I assume many people do. You can’t live with out the charts. Its sidebar is also a good place to see whether there is something new up at Econbrowser or Macroblog.
  2. Paul Krugman is where I turn immediately when I have a spare moment. Krugman makes quick and dirty points that are at a minimum interesting and often compelling. Its one of the most compact reads.
  3. Matt Yglesias. I catch almost every post here. Even though I know the point he is going to make on many issues the framing is always interesting.
  4. Econolog tops the list when I sit down to “read blogs.” Its rare that I won’t find some out of the mainstream argument backed by reason, evidence or both. This is the stuff of intellectual fun.
  5. Overcoming Bias. There is no blogger that regularly readjusts my thinking as often as Robin Hanson.
  6. Will Wilkinson’s various outlets are wordsmith candy. When I crave blogging as art, I know where to go.
  7. Mark Thoma is where I turn when I am in information junkie mode. If its worth reading chances are its there.
  8. The Atlantic is my second spot for brain food.  I am not just saying that because I don’t want to split up McArdle, Fallows and Sullivan. I typically browse the Atlantic as a full package.
  9. I usually find my way to Marginal Revolution but honestly I find most of the posts too short. I want to hear more. It often feels as if I am being teased a bit there.
  10. Free Exchange is might be the best place for getting a solid take on what’s going on right now, without straying to far from blog-nerdery.