From an econo-nerd perspective Obama’s State of the Union hit a fairly high bar.

There was a lot talk about Green energy, which gets an economists squirming in his or her seat. At the same time though the President seemed to think Nuclear and Natural Gas counted as green, so perhaps the divide is not that far.

On education, he has basically swallowed the economist’s position whole. The world has changed forever, manufacturing is being replaced by machines not foreigners, lifelong learning is a must, teacher quality, teacher quality, teacher quality. This could have been crib notes for an econ seminar on human capital.

On free trade he gave as strong of a defense as a Democrat could be expected to.

My friends at Café Hayek should have been pleased to hear the President endorse spontaneous order. He declaring that neither he nor any one else knows how the challenges of the future will be meet, that our economy and democracy are messy and that’s a good thing.