Bryan Caplan asks why we are so concerned about bias in the media but not bias in the classroom.

Well, first there is a bit of concern about this as the latest brouhaha over the Texas’s decision to alter some of the texts.

However, not to go all Robin Hanson, but I think the larger story is about status. I don’t think that people care as much about whether liberal or conservative ideas are being promulgated as whether they are being celebrated.

Its all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T. What conservatives don’t like is that look down their noses at them from America’s Newspaper of Record and the Nightly Anchor desk.

This is also why I think liberals didn’t or even don’t get the complaint. They say,”what I tried to interview every crooked executive and toothless redneck I could find to give conservatives a chance to air their side. What more do people want from me?”