I am going to link to a movie review.

Let me warn you up front. For most you reading this review is going to hurt, badly. Its not polite. Its not PC . It willfully offends good people, everywhere.

I implore you to read it to the end.

Let me emphasize that the author has a strong egoist philosophy, which will become painfully obvious. However, disliking, even despising his morality is not the same as finding no insight in his analysis.

The review and the money quote

And that really gets at the heart of the matter. The forces that nurture relationships and that break them apart aren’t agents of good or evil. They are laws, like gravity, that we all must accommodate if we want to find love and be happy. Blue Valentine does the best job to date of any movie at illuminating the crass functioning of the mating market and the competing, and mutually alien, desires that animate men and women. It’s a dark and claustrophobic reminder of the fragile contingencies which sustain love.