Following a post from Tyler Cowen I stumble upon Universal Darwinism, which describes its aim as:

Universal Darwinism is the collection of scientific theories which explain design found in the universe as the creation of Darwinian processes.

This site attempts an introduction to this marvellous area of study and the work of some of its most exciting researchers.

It is our hope that the unified scientific view on the wondrous workings of nature revealed by Universal Darwinism may serve the purpose that Einstein envisioned for Science: ‘To awaken the Cosmic Religious Experience and to keep it alive in those receptive to it.’

All well and good, however, its always seemed to me that Darwinism or natural selection was simply as subset of the concept that we observe things which are highly observable, thus the universe will appear to be designed as if for the purpose of being observed.

How could anything else be true?

Natural selection in our world operates through inheritance but inheritance is not necessary for this this to hold. If creatures were simply randomly popping into existence and some where devoured by others and some not, then we would still observe a set of creatures that looked as if was designed not to be devoured.


Because all the others would have been devoured and thus rendered unobservable.