Tom Tancredo is apparently within 4% percentage points of the lead in Colorado’s Gubernatorial race. Yes, he’s the guy who raised his hand really fast in the 2008 presidential debate when asked “who here doesn’t believe in evolution?”. But is that all the crazier Tom Tancredo is? Here is one piece of evidence from his Wikipedia page that suggests the answer is “no, he’s way way way crazier than that”:

During a 2005 radio interview on Orlando talk-radio station WFLA AM 540, Tancredo responded to a questioner asking about the hypothetical U.S. response to a nuclear attack on U.S. cities by al-Qaeda, by saying that one possible response would be to retaliate by “taking out” Muslim holy sites (specifically, Mecca) if it were clearly proven that Islamic terrorists were behind such an attack. Several days later, in an interview on CNN together with James Zogby, Tancredo said that the attack was mentioned merely as a hypothetical response and insisted that there was nothing for which he should apologize.

How crazy is Tom Tancredo? Crazy enough to bomb Mecca. He’s so crazy that he believes something that’s craziness is so self-explanatory I can never imagine having to explain to anyone other than Tom Tancredo why it’s so fucking crazy.

Holy shit Colorado, good luck.