So this is the choice you have in the fall: the party of Gingrich and Palin at war with the Cordoba house, or the party with this economic platform:

President Obama and congressional Democrats — out of options for another quick shot of stimulus spending to revive the sluggish economy — are shifting toward a longer-term strategy that promises to tackle persistently high unemployment by engineering a renaissance in American manufacturing.

That approach … is still evolving and so far focuses primarily on raising taxes on multinational corporations that Democrats accuse of shipping jobs overseas.

The strategy also repackages policies long pursued by the White House — such as investing in clean energy, roads, bridges and broadband service — with more than two dozen legislative proposals aimed at developing a plan for promoting domestic manufacturing.

Sometimes I wish the 1950s had never happened. Democrats are like a burned out 1980s rock star trying forever to recapture the glory days of his youth using the same formula that brought him fame in the first place: acid washed jeans, tall spiky white hair, and writing the same hair metal songs. “Hey, it worked once, why not try it again and again and again forever until I die alone in a trailer in an IHOP parking lot, on a dive-bar tour in between a sad show and a sadder one?”

That’s Democrats and the 1950s.