Marc Ambinder outlines his ten steps to preventing obesity and asks what ideas we have.

1) Give me the funding and legal authority to conduct the following experiments and the journals the cover to print the results when I am done

I want to travel to remote Indian, China and Central Africa and find 1000s of young people (but over 18) who are by and large non-obese. Recruit them for a fattening experiment. 

Then I want to divide them into subgroups and introduce to each group an eliminate of Western society blamed for obesity. We’ll feed some of them high fructose corn syrup. We’ll feed others high fat / high meat. Others pasta. Some we will injection will dust mite extract. Others, cockroach extract. We’ll expose still others to BPA heavy drinking containers. Others will drink only milk produced with bovine growth hormone. Some will be given a stipend and an Xbox. Others will be kept up late watching TV.

However, in each group we simulate one or only a few of the western “bad habits” and we see how long it takes for obesity in the groups to rise above control.

We establish which factors, at a least at baseline, seem to contribute and which don’t.

2) When then attempt to modify the factors which appeared relevant in a Western Population.


Now I don’t expect much support for this plan. But, I don’t expect easy policy solutions for obesity either.