Dan comments

All of this talk of “obesity epidemics”, genetic factors … it’s as if people weren’t deliberately choosing to be obese! They are ALL choosing it. Every time an obese person eats anything other than steamed spinach and egg whites with no salt or butter, every instant they spend on their ample bottom rather than running, swimming, or doing pushups – every instant of self-indulgence is a CHOICE to remain massive.

Suppose there was a condition that required that you had to eat steamed spinach and egg whites only and spend every leisure hour of the day working out or else you would become horribly disfigured, your organs would shrivel and your chance of death would rise. We would rightfully call such a condition a disease and if millions of people had it, it would be a major priority to understand what caused this disease and how to ameliorate it.

At best this is where we are with obesity. Indeed, Very Low Calorie diets often fail to work. Why such failure occurs is a question of hot debate, but the evidence suggest they do.

On the other hand for example, Fen-Phen had an excellent track record. If Fen-Phen treats obesity more effectively than near starvation then its important that we understand why and what the heck is going on.

Brad, you’re on deck for tomorrow.

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