Robin Hanson contrasts the public’s demand for health care regardless of the evidence of it’s efficacy, with the public’s demand for grocery stores and “car entitlements”:

If we were considering a vast new grocery store or car entitlement, the public would hardly “forget” to wonder if that would really give us more nutrition or a faster commute.  But the US public has little religious-style fervor on grocery stores or cars.

If only it were so, Robin! The public’s doesn’t worry about whether a new grocery store will provide them more nutrition, but whether it will provide them with organic foods. In the same way that the public assumes more health care means more health, they assume organic foods provide more nutrition despite the fact that all evidence suggests that they don’t. The fervor for unproven food policies as at least as religious as it is for health care.

Also, I’m not sure what “car entitlements” are, but I’m pretty sure that the public would just want to know how many “green jobs” they would create.