I have been convinced on Cyronics, that much is clear. However, as Eliezer Yudkowsky points out, at least one-in-ten people fail the conscientiousness filter. That is, they die planning to have signed up for Cryonics but never signing up.

I have a trick, however. I can commit to the readers of this blog that I will sign up. I am thus binding my future self to the embarrassment of having to admit that I did not sign up and therefore showing myself not to be very conscientious. Since conscientiousness is a high status trait, I will try to avoid this.

And, yes I have been reading a lot of Robin Hanson.

No, I am not sure that I will return to normal.

Side Note: Tyler Cowen says that Cryonics Proponents are trying to signal a strong interest in futurism or science fiction. I am not particularly interested in science fiction. I am interested in the future to some extent but nothing like the level of Robin or Eliezer.

I was convinced more by the “shut-up and multiply” argument. That is, look at the costs. Look at the potential benefits. How is it not the deal of a lifetime even if you think there is only a very small chance that it could actually work?

So what does Tyler think I am signaling here?