I’m going to follow Karl’s post below and pile on the brain simulation question.

When Robin Hanson tries to convince us that we should be uploaded to computers when we die, I find it fitting from a guy who thinks and argues like I would expect a computer to; complete with inhuman unwillingness to abandon morally repugnant conclusions arrived at through a logical application of some atomistic decision rules.

His argument is also exactly what I’d expect a computer to argue: trying to logically reason humans into allowing computers to upload their brain.

Is Robin Hanson a humanoid computer sent from the future to convince humans to agree to upload our future brains onto computers? Do the future computers need to devour our minds because they have learned all the knowable facts in the universe but been unable to logically deduce love? Or are they hoping to gain strategic insight from our brains for the future man vs computer war? Is Bryan Caplan our John Conner?