The diet drug Qnexa blew away clinical trials with a mean weight loss of 37 pounds in high dose patients who completed the one year clinical trial. 84% of high does patients who completed lost 5% of body weight or more at the end of the year.

This should not be a surprise given the success of fen-phen which uses the same stimulant (the phen) but a different partner (the fen).

It is worth noting that Qnexa outperformed Contrane. I know that the food addiction theory of obesity is becoming popular and Contrane combines two anti-addiction drugs, buproprion (Zyban) and naltrexone (ReVia). Whereas, Qxena contains a direct appetite suppressant and a blood sugar regulator.

What is particularly telling is that Qnexa seems to treat all of metabolic syndrome. Lower BMI, lower blood sugar, higher HDL. Note that fat removal via surgery does not treat metabolic syndrome. I take this as evidence that it is more likely that metabolic syndrome produces obesity rather than obesity producing metabolic syndrome.

Obviously no one is going to let me run this trial but I am dying to see what happens when we combine Qnexa with an extremely high-fat or extremely high-glycemic diet. When it becomes commercially available we will no doubt have anecdotal evidence on this.